Job Board

Any company who is a current member of the Atlanta Air Cargo Association may take advantage of the job board here on the AACA website.

This version of the job board is self-administered, meaning that members in good standing who have a username and password to the site have the ability to post a job themselves.

Post a Job or View Your Jobs

The job posting system is very simple and resembles a word processing program. In fact, you can copy and paste text from Word, Pages or Docs into the body of the posting. With this job board, you are able to post on your own:

  • Your company’s logo.
  • The type of job (full time, part time, internship, etc).
  • Links back to your company website, LinkedIn or Twitter accounts.
  • A description and images for the job that is not limited in size and space.
  • An email address for someone to contact to apply for the job or to direct them to your company’s HR department to submit a resume.

The postings will automatically delete thirty days after posting.

There is a sample job that is posted and will remain available to review. For a look at the dashboard to post the job, click here to view the image.

Should you have any questions, please contact the AACA board of directors.